Full Speed Ahead for Design Primitive and SVG Icon Integration

March 03, 2019

After successful tests, its time to dive into the design primitive integration, and might as well throw in the SVG icons.

Ahoy, Design Primitives

After testing the design primitives library and finding some bugs/typos, I decided to move forward with full integration. Accomplishing this simply involved replacing the projects variables files with the new primitives base file.

In order to accomplish this, I really just had to play the find and replace game. In the primitives library, some of the variable names changed for structure/category reasons. For example, $slate changed to $color-slate.Thankfully software like VSCode made this an easy task.

Once all variables were renamed in the project, the build succeeded, and I was good to go.

As simple as I made that sound, I did find a few errors along the way. Mainly typos or variables I missed when I was transferring the data into JSON files. Luckily the build tools in the projects were able to detail these errors so they were easily fixed.

I also integrated the primitives library into one of our website projects. This involved the same sort of find/replace methods. That integrations also allowed me to test the CSS custom properties version of the token files.

So now that I have two projects consuming the primitives, I'm hungry for more and will be working to integrate into more projects soon.

SVG Icon Integration

While I was integrating the design primitives, I decided to go ahead and integrate the SVG icon system I have been working on into our style guide project. Since I set that project up as an NPM package, the integration was just a simple install. After installation, I just verified I could load the SVG sprite as expected and made sure nothing broke. The next step will be a fairly heavy lift that involves swapping existing icons with the new SVG system.

This Week

I may have to pause on the SVG icon system, as I'll be helping write stories for a full site rebuild, which will take some time. I'll also be working on a couple of new components for our design system. Oh, I'm also working on design primitives talk. More on that to come.

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